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Without giving up chocolate, wine or your favourite indulgences!

Want to know the best

exercises to increase your draw weight?

5 Exercises for

Archery Strength

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This PDF is for the ladies who want to increase their draw weight and would love to know where to start, as well as the ladies who want to strengthen their shoulders to have their best shooting season yet!

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About your Coach

Hi there and welcome! I'm April Dawn and I am the founder and creator of Huntress Health a social media platform where outdoor loving women can find information on weight loss, fitness, and nutrition that is based on science and education, not the latest crazes and fads.


I teach women who hunt, who want to lose weight how to eat balanced meals with a whole foods approach that include wild caught meat, fresh picked veggies, fruits and healthy fats. My clients have more energy, motivation, and enthusiasm for the outdoor lifestyle because they are losing weight while still enjoying the foods of daily life AND the treats at hunting camp.

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