Wild Bowl Challenge

21 days of fresh and wild bowl meals

21 days of fresh and wild bowl meals

Join the challenge and get:

21 Wild Bowl Recipes

Food Substitutes

3 Weeks of Grocery Lists

Wild Meat Cooking Guides

We start September 29, 2017

7:00 pm Central Time

You'll learn, step by step​.....

How to create fast, scumptious meals that fit in one bowl

Which foods are healthy for you and why

Which foods to mix to bring out the flavours in your wild meat

Which meats mix well with other foods

How to create a meal plan around Wild Bowls

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are the base of our Wild Bowls and take up the most space! They contain healthy carbs to give you energy! 

Wild Meat

Wild meat - My favourite part! Clean meats make up another bird portion of our bowls. Protein keeps you full and helps your body rebuild!


We will be picking the healthiest carbs possible, because seriously your body still needs them to function!

Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats are also vital for proper body and brain function. "FAT" isnt a bad word anymore!