If it has to do with

Fatigue, Sugar Cravings, Weight loss

Wild Meat, and Motivation

I can Help

If you're here because

~ You feel tired in the middle of the day and need a coffee pick me up

~ You want to lose some weight WITHOUT using strange pills, shakes or other tactics

~ You feel unmotivated to make healthy foods and move your body

~ You love wild meat, hunting, and the outdoors

~ You just need someone to help take you to that next level of health

 If Any or All apply           You're in the right place

Good News!

I'm April,

and it's my goal to help you

be more energetic, lose weight,

and cut the fatigue, using

habit based systems,

nutrition, and fitness,

so that you feel great 

and motivated to have

your most successful

hunting season yet!

I learned that obesity among Canadians aged 18 and over was 24.8% as of 2012. This means that one in four adult Canadians, or approximately 6.3 million people, were obese, 17.5% more than in 2003. The records show that between 2003 and 2012 obesity levels rose 16,8% among women! 
Similarly women who enjoy hunting has also risen and between 2006 and 2011 the number of female hunters grew by 25%! Women currently make up 11% of hunters and that number is steadily growing! 
One more statistic we all are aware of - women spend triple the amount of time doing household tasks such as cooking and cleaning, and they dominate the household food and nutrition decisions and that hunting offers an alternative to the grocery store that lets women provide truly free-range and organic meat for their families.
They can see and fully understand where their food came from, how it was handled and cared for, and they can feel motivated knowing THEY PROVIDED!

"Across the board, women are

more independent than

they've ever been,

and they realize they are capable of hunting,"

says Brenda Valentine, national spokesperson

for the National Wild Turkey Federation

and the self-proclaimed "First Lady of Hunting."

When I graduated as a Certified Athletic Therapist from UofM I immediately knew I wanted to work with people and help them better themselves so they could lead more active lives. Fast forward a few years and pretend your a fly on the wall:
~I'm rummaging through a large tote of Camo clothing, I find my hunting pants. I slip one leg in and ohhh shoot, they are TIGHT. I attempt the other leg and jump around the room like a kangaroo. No dice, they are NOT going on! ~
That moment right there was when I knew I needed to make a change and it was also in that moment that I instinctively knew I needed to help others with this exact problem! 
From that moment on I began learning, nutrition, fitness, hunting and women's bodies and brains. 

This is why I'm passionate about helping YOU, a lady who hunts

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