The Essential Starting Guide to Getting Strong and Lean for Hunting 

A guide for women who want to get strong, lean, energized, and motivated to become more independent and capable female hunters!

  • Control Emotional Eating

  • Squash Sugar Cravings

  • Build Your Draw Weight Strength

  • Increase Your Hike Endurance

  • Fit your Favourite Camo Again

Welcome, I'm glad you're here taking a peak!

I've created this group of posts for you as a starting point to getting healthy, lean, strong, energized and motivated for all your hunting and outdoor adventures to come! Take a read through each post to learn more about why nutrition is important for you as a hunter, then implement the ideas in both the nutrition and fitness posts to be a stronger hunter and/or archer! 

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Click the images below to read through the resources. Begin your journey today!

Guide to Macros
Balanced Meals & Blood Sugar
Portion Control
Intuitive & Mindful Eating
Snacks While In The Woods
Weight Loss VS Fat Loss
5 Tips for a Better Shot
Best Exercises for Shooters
HIIT Workouts for Hunters
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Ready to take your health and hunting fitness journey up a notch? 

As a Sports Nutrition Coach and Athletic Therapist I work 1:1 with ladies to get them closer to their big goals of mountain hunts, better shooting accuracy, winning competitions, packing out an Elk, or even just feeling more energized and motivated to just get out in the woods. 

We work through my self created methodology, The WILDD Method, which includes wild and whole foods, workouts and movement, rest days, and learning what really works for your body! No diets, pills, no restriction... PSST you can drink the wine, and eat the chocolate. I will never tell you to deprive yourself of real life! 

If you'd like to chat with me about how I can help you with my method click here >>> LET'S CHAT!

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