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Lose Weight, Get More Energy and Finally Love Your Body!

You're busy, busy, busy and you haven't found the time to take care of yourself the way you know you should. 

Am I right? Keep reading, I think you will LOVE this. 

So many women are low on energy, tired, bloated and frustrated with their health, they wish there was a magic wand to feel better. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You feel stressed out and quite frankly, a bit worn out.

  • You are tired, a bit cranky and your pants are fitting a bit too tight, am I right?

  • You know things need to change but you aren’t quite sure where to begin – it’s all a bit overwhelming.

  • You know healthy eating is important, but don't have the time, and don't know where to begin. 

You’re certainly not alone, and the good news is that you have now found help!

You see, I’ve been there too, so I know what it’s like.

Imagine being guided through a simple, step-by-step process so you can look better, feel better and live better! 

Let’s get you back on track so you can start feeling the way you want to feel – the way you deserve to feel. Less stressed, more energy, better moods, and fitting comfortably back in your clothes again. 

Our health is not a quick fix, it's not one diet, it's not one meal plan. Staying healthy takes continual work, learning, support, motivation and creating healthy habits.

Think about it this way- to live a healthy life you need:

  • Healthy, whole foods diet

  • Regular Exercise

  • Self Care and Stress Management

  • Restful Sleep (yes- every night)

Maybe you are already a member at a gym! Good for you! What about those other 3 categories? I have a feeling there are at least one or two that you are struggling with. And that's okay! It's not your fault. We weren't taught this stuff and have been left to figure it out on our own. 

Well, not anymore! Inside the membership, you will get all the tools you need to work on your healthy life plan. And here's more good news- it's all connected. So, it's not hard. When we fix one area, another one also gets better. 

This membership was created so you can get your energy back and regain your motivation.

And its not just about food, and there is no strict meal plan you have to follow, because who likes that? Nobody!

Yes, it’s true – we are what we eat. But there’s so much more to the healthy living puzzle!

In just a few hours each month, you will learn easy-to-implement strategies that can transform the way you look and feel – as well as help you to better understand your relationship with food, without feeling: Deprived, Restricted, Overwhelmed or Guilty!


This Membership is for you if YOU ARE:

  • Groggy from when you wake up, until bedtime

  • Using coffee and pop to fuel your energy for the day

  • Relying on sugary treats for your afternoon energy crash

  • Struggling to fit into your favorite pants

  • Cranky when someone looks at you the wrong way

  • Confused about all the random information and diets on the internet


This Membership is for you if YOU WANT TO:

  • Have more energy to get through your day without loading up on sugar or caffeine

  • Lose a few pounds so that you can fit your skinny jeans again!

  • Look + feel younger so that you are confident again

  • Reduce stress so we can get rid of the crankiness

  • Achieve your health and fitness goals. For GOOD.

  • Have a consistent, reliable place to learn about health and nutrition.

Our health is not a quick fix, it's not one diet, it's not one meal plan. Staying healthy takes continual work, learning, support, motivation and creating healthy habits

In case we've never met!







Some of the things you will learn inside: 

  • Why it's not just about what you eat, so that you can understand your body and make healthy choices easily

  • Common Causes of cravings and how to tame them so that you can walk past the vending machine without eyeing up the chocolate bars

  • How stress and sleep issues can be sabotaging your goals and of course HOW to fix it so that you sleep like a baby. 

  • Time-saving menu planning tips and healthy recipes because we could all use a few extra hours in the day, right?

  • How to simplify portion control and not feel deprived because this is a life long plan, and NOT a quick fix diet.

  • How to make an easy plan for exercise that doesn't involve spending countless hours at the gym (check out the bonuses!!)

  • And MUCH more!


As a Paid Member, you get EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO:

  • My Step-by-Step System that teaches you about your body, what to eat and what to avoid so that you can focus on one thing at a time, and not be confused with all the crazy and misleading health information out there. 

  • My guidance and advice in our Live Q + A every Friday I am here to support you every step of the way. 

  • Monthly Group Health Challenges because I find it REALLY helps to keep you motivated and on track! Plus you get to meet other ladies that have the same interests as you. First one begins on Tuesday May 22nd. 

  • Interview series with a variety of health, fitness and holistic living coaches so that you can learn ALL about health in one place. (this is one of my favorite parts of the membership!)

  • Private Facebook group for members only so that you feel supported in your journey and always have a place to ask questions and meet others. 

  • Consistent support and accountability from not only me, but the entire community of members who are working on similar goals


So I INVITE YOU to join us where the real magic happens - The Membership. 

And for less than $2 a day? It's a bit of a no-brainer!

  • This membership is LESS than a fancy coffee per day.

  • LESS than a pedicure per month.

  • LESS than a dinner date per month.

  • It's LESS than that gym membership you never use ;-) 

If you are ready to boost your energy, beat the bloat, lose a few pounds, and have ongoing support and education then join me inside and let's get started!!

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What next?

  • When you sign up using the buttons below, you get instant access to your first lessons AND bonuses.

  • You will get access to a private facebook group to meet other members!

  • At the end of each month, you will get an email to let you know your next month of brand new lessons is available.

  • Regular guest speakers, and interviews will be scheduled on a variety of health topics from running, yoga, childrens nutrition, mindfulness, meditation and more! I already have the first ones ready for you and I know you are going to love it!

  • The membership is ongoing and you can stick around as long as you want. I have TONS of fun things planned for us.

Here’s just SOME of what you’ll learn: 

Supercharged Goal Setting for Success

  • How to get crystal clear on your goals

  • How to put your plans in place so that you don't have to set ANOTHER health New Years Resolution next year. 


Why diets don’t work and what does

  • Why one diet doesn’t work for everyone, and that fad diets are not the answer to long term health. 

  • What to focus on ADDING IN instead of restricting. My clients LOVE this part, because you don't have to miss out on birthday cake or wine. 


Exercise tips to maximize results

  • Getting started with exercise so that you can bust through your weight loss goals

  • Common roadblocks to exercise with simple solutions


Why it’s not just about food and exercise

  • What nourishes you on a deeper level, there is so much more to health than just what we eat

  • Life balance; what is it and how to improve it to boost results


Mindful eating and portion control

  • Discover 8 ways to get a better handle on portion control without feeling deprived

  • Learn what mindful eating is and how it can help with weight loss


Understand your cravings better

  • Common causes of cravings and how to deal with them

  • How to curb cravings and find healthier options


Planning for success

  • How planning ahead can help you lose weight including shopping, food prep and cooking

  • How to save time, money, calories and stress


Stress reduction and self-care

  • How stress can affect weight loss and many areas of your health 

  • Simple ways to reduce stress and take care of yourself


Mindset and Habits for Powerful Results

  • Evaluating the ‘auto-pilot’ habits that may be preventing you from reaching your goals. This one is always very eye opening!

  • How even the smallest habits, over time, can help or hinder success


When you join Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness Membership, you will learn how to implement simple changes for life-long success!

But wait! There are BONUSES!!!

I'm excited to share with you, you ALSO get these awesome bonuses!



  • 60 Quick and Easy Whole Foods Recipe E-Book ($29 value)



  • 60 Quick and Easy Whole Foods Recipe E-Book ($29 value)

  • 28 Day- Get Fit, Lean and Strong workout program with weekly guides, tips and videos from Carey Adam! ($147 value)

That's a total of $176 in BONUSES!! Yay!


Our health is not a quick fix, it's not one diet, it's not one meal plan. Staying healthy takes continual work, learning, support, motivation and creating healthy habits.

Health is a LONG TERM process. Stick with me and we'll do it together!

I love that I can share this with you today, because you will become one of the founding members! That means when you sign up today you lock in your price forever. If you skip past this offer, then the cost will be going up. 

I know you don't want to feel tired and sluggish forever.. I'm so glad I finally got to a place where I feel 10 years younger than I am (I'm turning 40 this year, and I honestly still feel 30 tops!)

I created Compass Rose Nutrition & Wellness so I can teach other women my secrets, how I got my energy strong, my bloating less, stable weight, cravings under control, and loving life. Now inside this membership, I can help you feel the same. 


Here's a few questions you might have about the membership

Q: I am busy, and don't have a lot of time for another new program, how long does this take?

A: This is a self-paced program. Learn at your own pace. You can log in a few hours per month and get through it all. Any day of the week you like!

Q: I already follow a specific meal plan, can I still join this membership?

A: Yes, for sure! This is about healthy eating, healthy living, and as long as you are on a healthy meal plan, you can stick to it no problem. 


Q: I don't live near you Gaylene, aren't you way up in Canada? :-)

A: Yes, I'm in the cold north now, but since this is online, you can live anywhere to join. Internet is great isn't it?!


Q: I am not on Facebook, do I have to use Facebook to join?

A: The program is not on Facebook, but as a bonus, we have a Facebook support group. You can still join and have access to the full program, minus the group support on Facebook. 


Q: I am a beginner when it comes to health, will this be too advanced for me? 

A: Not at all! We start with some basics, and this membership is for any level of knowledge. I have created it so that you can learn as you go, and there is something for everyone!


Q: What is the cancellation policy?

A: The Monthly Membership is automatically paid every 30 days. You can cancel anytime. The Annual Membership is automatically paid every 365 days. You can cancel anytime. There is no refunds on unused days. You have complete control of your account in the settings and can cancel or resubscribe at any time. 


Q: How do I pay every  month?

A: You will be automatically charged every 30 days if you choose the monthly or every 365 days if you choose the annual. This will be charged to your credit card on file. You have access to change your membership or credit card inside your account at any time. 

See you there!

~ April
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