• April Willis

5 Tips to not overeat at holiday suppers

If your a Canadian like me you know holidays are all about eating, hunting, laughing, drinking and more eating!! You also probably know how the majority of people feel after a holiday supper .... Say it with me... BLOATED, FAT, FLUFFY, STUFFED, SLOW, and TIRED!!

Well no fear! Today I'm going to give you 5 tips on how to not feel like the stuffed turkey!

Let's begin shall we!

Number One

Practice eating slowly - So talk a lot!!

- Eating slowly allows the body to begin the digestion process and start the body processes that tell you when you are actually full. The majority of us are eating like we are in prison, wolfing our food down with our elbows up ready to stab anyone who looks at our plate! Take a chill pill, its a holiday weekend and these people are family and friends. Let your guard down, start up a nice conversation and take a bite or two when someone else is telling a story. Just remember to start with a small plate of food, you may be surprised how quickly you actually feel fullness coming on.

Number Two

Drink the water

- Drinking water makes you take your time, and fancy this - it's good for you too! I realize that you're going to have a few adult beverages over the weekend, well maybe more than a few but its a holiday. Just remember to sip water throughout supper at the very least, this will help you come up for air as well as get that feeling of full! Not to mention all the water will help with the hangover the next morning. Maybe grab some advil while your at it and take that just before bed with your water.

Number Three

Portion control - Your eyes are bigger than your stomach

- This is the difficult one for most people! I myself have eyes bigger than my stomach! This is the time to practice self control, eyeball your portion sizes against your hands. YES, I said your hands! Don't worry about calories, if you use your hands as a guide it will give you an approximate for calories.

Just remember - protein is one palm, fats one thumb, carbs one cupped hand, and veggies is one fist!

Number Four

Eat the turkey if there is some

- Turkey is your smartest meat choice at the table if your not a vegetarian. Turkey meat is quite lean and packed with vitamins and amino acids. No, you will not fall right asleep from the turkey alone like media tells you! Tryptophan in turkey meat gives a calming effect to the body, not like downing four NyQuil pills.

Number Five

Eat more veggies - It won't kill you to eat the interesting ones once

- If your still feeling hungry or know that the suggested portion sizes seriously won't work for you, add another fist of veggies. If your still a starving Marvin after supper, snack on some more veggies and suck back some water. Try to have a wide variety of coloured veggies as well, not just a couple leaves of salad. Remember, the more colours you choose the more vitamins and minerals you will be getting from them! And those are healthy!! YAY!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday with family and friends, no matter which holiday it is!

- April

Need a quick reminder what proper portions look like? click here

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