• April Willis

Why you might be feeling fatigued, foggy, and sleepy like Mrs. Fox.

Do you feel like Mrs. Sleepy Fox more often than not? Do you feel fun down, tired, shitty? Would you rather curl up in a nice ball under the covers rather than trudge out to your treestand or blind? Do you ever say to yourself "OMG what am I going to do if i shoot something, I don't have the energy to get it back home!"

Here's my question to you:

Have you ever stopped to think about how much food you are actually eating? Have you ever journaled or jotted down what you eat? Do you actually know how much carbohydrates, protein and fats your eating daily?

Fatigue can be related to different things including medical conditions, but for the general population the FOOD you eat and how much can determine how well your brain and body work!

Kinda scary right!? Our bodies require some levels of carbohydrates to function properly over the LONG TERM.

Low carb intake can result in the following:

  • Decreased thyroid function

  • Increased cortisol output

  • Decreased testosterone

  • Impaired mood and foggy brain

  • Supressed immune systems

  • Decreased libido

  • Low energy

In other words you are probably feeling lazy, sluggish, cranky and even sickly AND your decreasing carbs becuase you want to lose weight, but it isnt happening and you aren't feeling slimmer!

In terms of decreased thyroid function, your thyroid makes a hormone called T3. It's purpose is to help with metabolism and blood glucose management. Studies show that T3 is sensitive to carb and calorie intake, so when those two things are too low T3 production drops.

That means your body begins to have a difficult time controling yoru blood glucose levels and keeping them stable, as well as helping with metabolism. So what does that mean? It means increased weight!!

Another thing that happens with low carb intake is decreased testosterone and increased cortisol (the stress hormone) in people who are active as well as decreasing their performance.

Your brain and hormone centers are really sensitive to fluctuations in carbs and calorie intake. When women don’t eat enough calories and increase their physical activity you might see amenorrhea. This means hormones have stopped working correctly, and a lack of menstration is the bodies response to perceived starvation and stress. The body says hey we don’t have enough energy coming in and there seems to be a lot of stress, well we don’t need a baby in this situation so put the reproductive system on hold!

Many of us try eating LOW carb to be healthier and lose weight. But low carb while being active can lead to a host of problems like:

  • Irregular mensturation

  • Low fertility

  • Hypoglycemia and sugar swings

  • Loss of bone density

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Chronic inflammation and chronic pain

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Disrupted sleep

When active you need more carbs, when sedentary you may get away with a slightly lower carb intake. Active individuals need enough glycogen to replenish the muscle glycogen. If it isn’t replenished the muscles and body will require another means of energy to fix and replenish the muscles, which means protein breakdown – AKA muscle loss.

Studies have actually shown that a moderate carb diet at 40% and a low carb diet at 5% show weight loss of the same amounts, EXCEPT the moderate carb individuals reported a significantly better mood and self efficacy during the trial… in other words they were happier.

So what does all of this mean!? It means that while a whole trailer load of simple carbs may be bad for you, your body still requires an amount of complex carbs to work properly. Complex carbs are things like veggies, fruits and whole grains. Which breakdown a lot slower than simple carbs like sugary drinks, candies and white breads. They help to keep your blood sugar more stable by breaking down slower and not creating that huge spike!

BUT BUT BUT, I was told that I don't need carbs to live........

There are alot of ideas either way. Increase carbs and decrease carbs, its hard to know how much to eat! So what I recommend is portion control the Precision Nutrition way. Precision Nutrition is where I received my Sport Nutrition Coaching certificate from and I believe in their system!

Womens recommendations are 1 fist of veggies per meal and 1 cupped hand of carbs per meal with approximately 3-4 meals per day! Then you also have 1 palm of protein and 1 thumb of fats.

Now, 70% of clients will do great on the PN portion control recommendations, the other 30% or so will require some sort of customization like increasing or decreasing their carb intake. This is why is great to work with a Nutirtion coach to customize your intakes over time and find what works for you!

Some women will require a bit more complex carbs because their bodies are super efficient and break everything down really well. While some women will do better with only 1/2 a cupped hand of carbs at each meal OR even eating carbs at only certain meals!

So now that we've talked about eating too few complex carbohydrates, you might be wondering "well what about if I'm eating too many carbs?"

We’ll talk about that one next time!

Talk to you soon!

- April

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