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5 Tips for a Better Archery Shot

Just recently I sat down with a new young lady archer and chatted with her about what she could start doing today to get a bit more accurate and more consistent with her shooting. She knew that having a great shot takes time and repetition but also knew that she had a few things to work on.

I gave her 5 tips to start working on and let her know that if she could be consistent with all 5 things her shot placement, accuracy, and consistency would get better OR there could be a problem with her bow. What I meant by that is if you are doing EVERYTHING right in your shooting and making groupings that are still off centre, then you can adjust your bow a bit. I told her there's no point in adjusting your bow if you are not consistent and making groups, because you really don't know if it's the shooter or the bow.

***If you're more of a listening type learner you can watch the Facebook Live of this blog HERE***

Here are the 5 tips I gave her.

  1. Stand with purpose - no slouching

  2. Anchor in the same spot consistently

  3. Center your bubble

  4. Peep over housing

  5. Squeeze don't smash

1.Stand with purpose

It's important to stand tall with your chest open to allow for the back squeeze and for proper alignment and draw length. If you are slouching and standing curled forward you will shorten up your draw length accidentally changing your shot placement.

2.Anchor in the same spot

This is basic and necessary for consistency and continued accuracy when shooting. If you anchor in the same spot time after time your arrows should move to the same area if your not shaking like crazy. Generally we anchor with knuckles on the back of our cheek bones, and the string on the tip or just off the edge of your nose.

3.Center your bubble

Remember to always center your bubble inside the level on your sight housing. If you don't, your arrow will go wonky off to the side because your bow is slanted.

4.Peep over housing

When you anchor in your sweet spot after drawing, make sure the circle of the peep is over top of the circle of the sight housing. That's why you look through it, to line it up!

5.Squeeze don't smash

It is very important that when you are about to release the arrow from the bow that you do not smash on the release but squeeze in a controlled fashion. Arrows tend to fly all kinds of places when you smash on the release. It gives odd motion and energies to the string, throwing the arrow off course, and most people who smash on the release tend to grab at their bow torqueing it to the side also throwing the arrow off course.

Extra Tip

My extra tip for everyone looking to get better at archery, and increase their accuracy and consistency is to begin strengthening their shoulders and core for archery. By strengthening your upper body and core you give yourself a strong base for consistency and accuracy. You are getting your body ready to be able to withstand multiple draws, shots and increasing endurance for longer holds while searching for the x.

A very simple thing to do is purchase some tubing in a couple different colours and begin imitating the motions you do in your archery shot.

Have any questions about your archery shot? Drop me a line and I'd be happy to help!

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