• April Willis

Why are HIIT workouts good for archers and bowhunters!?

You know that one time you sprinted up a hill with full hunting gear because you were certain you heard something on the other side? Congratulations! You just completed a high intensity interval - one of the biggest trends in fitness today!

HIIT also known as High Intensity Interval Training, is a really great way to get your metabolism boosting workout done in a short amount of time that will go on to continue burning fat for hours after your workout! HIIT workouts put the body into what we call an oxygen deficit, which means for a period after the workout is over your body is still trying to recovery from all the energy and oxygen used. Therefore the body requires more oxygen after the workout and continues to burn calories long after you are done.

So why is this trending workout a great idea for hunters?

  1. It can mimic hunting situations if done correctly

  2. It will help you prepare for hunting scenarios

  3. It's a great choice for those lacking time in their day

Mimic Hunting Situations

I believe HIIT workouts are wonderful for mimicking hunting situations! HIIT workouts get your heart racing rather quickly, it reminds me of the moment you see a big buck step out and your heart starts to race and your shaking like a leaf!

Prepare For Hunting Scenarios

By working on your shoulder, core and body strength you are ultimately preparing your body for all the tasks hunting will throw at you! By practicing like you are hunting and getting your body strong you will be preparing for all types of scenarios! For example if you will be hunting in a blind, practice doing workouts outside of your blind and then hopping in quickly to take two shots while your heart is still beating fast!

Time Saver

One of the best advantages of using HIIT workouts is that they are shorter quick workouts and they leave your body taxed for longer post workout. HIIT workouts can be done in as little as 10 minutes up to approximately 30 minutes! And they leave your body revved metabolism wise for hours later, meaning your still burning energy and fat long after the workout!

Below is one of my favourite HIIT workouts for hunters, It's taken from the VIP WILDD ACADEMY!

First try doing these movements for 30 seconds with a 20 second break in between! Do the full rotation twice so that you have a chance to balance on both legs!

Renegade row into side plank

Single leg balance


walking lunge with core rotation

Lat pull over and press

Back flye into tricep row


--Shoot two arrows--

xx REPEAT xx

Are you ready to get strong for hunting season? Are you looking for a program to help get you to that next level this year? To get you in shape for elk camp or in shape for spot and stalk hunting!?

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