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The 3 Biggest Reasons Your Not Losing Weight... Even Though Your Eating Healthy and Hiking!!

Let's start today's blog with a little story time. I would love to know if you resonate with this story... If so send me a little comment!

Jane started to feel less than confident in her slim fitting dark jeans. She had always loved this pair of jeans but had recently felt like they were getting tighter and tighter. She really wasn't sure why, she had been eating all the healthy low fat low calorie snacks she was being told to eat on tv commercials. When she got that mid day craving she would always only go for those small portioned snacks packs. These snacks were supposed to keep your calories down and help you lose weight! Jane's favourites were the peanut butter snack bar, the 100 calorie snack packs, and the grab and go veggie salads at the store close to work. But her favourite meal of all was whole wheat noodles with tomato sauce and mushrooms. She had been doing it ALL right with her nutrition, AND she had been going to the gym daily and jogging on the treadmill for at least an hour. How in hell could she be gaining weight she thought!

I wish I could see you in person right now. Are you raising your hand going THAT'S ME??

I was there once upon a time, and then I learned 3 critical things. I'm going to share them with you below.

The Three Biggest Reasons Your Not Losing Weight!

1. You're relying on willpower to get your through the day

2. Your not eating to support your fat loss hormones

3. Your running and running and doing cardio like crazy

Let's dive deeper in to each of those 3 points and help you work through them a bit!

1. Relying on willpower

This statement is mostly as simple as Willpower is not an actual thing. It may feel real, but willpower is dictated by your hormones. If your hunger and craving hormones are out of whack willpower will NEVER win.

2. Your not eating to support your fat loss hormones

Fat loss is actually dictated by our hormones! There are certain foods that help or hinder your hormones. The two big hormones we are talking about are insulin and glucagon. Insulin is directly connected to glucose/carbohydrates. When carbohydrates are high, glucose in the blood system is high, and therefore insulin is high. Insulin's job is to take all that glucose and store it for later use in the liver, muscles, or in fat cells. If you eat foods that do not require insulin to hang around IE- protein and fats, then you have no glucose to store into the fat cells!

3. Running and running is not good for fat loss

Long term cardio does one big thing... increases cortisol. Why you ask? Because when you are running for long periods your body goes what are we running from!? why are we stressed out? continuous running day after day increases cortisol which increased insulin which helps your body collect all the lovely left over glucose molecules and helps to store them for later!

So what should you be doing instead?

First and foremost is to start balancing your blood sugars so that you don't have to rely on willpower AND so that your fat loss hormones start kicking in and helping you out! Next is to STOP doing all that long cardio and start doing shorter HIIT style workouts that put your body into fat burning mode instead of fat saving due to the stress!

Now your thinking ok well thats fine and dandy April, but where the heck do i get all this info from? Well thats where I come in friend!

My job is to help teach you and support you through the process of learning and achieving! I know all the sciency stuff, and I want to help give it to you in a way that helps you achieve your fat loss goals and in a way thats digestible so you understand only what you need to and not all the brainy junk and fluff.

I have a 6 week program for people who want to lose fat and weight by cooking and eating normal whole foods in a simple way that doesn't include them having to give up wine, caesars, popcorn, or their favourite indulgences!

If that's something you want to do - lose fat and not give up your wine - then book a private call with me. We can go over all of your goals and health desires and come up with a way to serve you and assist you in getting to that goal!

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I can't wait to chat with you and start helping you achieve your big goals!


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